GOING Ventures - Buy & Build

      GOING Ventures is a private investment management company formed to invest in on-going companies and then to take an active hand in managing them.

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  • Our
    • Our Approach

      GOING Ventures team offer a proven platform for our new partner organizations. Unlike hiring consulting and investment professionals for Strategy and Corporate Finance work, partnering with GOING Ventures team has the following advantages:

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  • Why
    Choose Us?
    • Why Choose Us?

      Highly Experienced Investment and Business Growth Professionals. Our leadership team has a long and successful history of assisting companies to restructure, reposition, and generate superior returns for investors.

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  • Deal Process & system
    • Deal Process & System

      We have developed an extremely comprehensive and formal deal-sourcing program. GOING Ventures’ reputation as value-added and a successful buy and build investment company has made us an attractive partner for a wide range of owners, business brokers and other intermediaries.

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  • Transaction Parameters
    • Transaction Parameters

      GOING Ventures generally targets equity investments in lower-middle market companies with enterprise values of $10 million to $100 million that exhibit the potential for continued growth through value-added investing.

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GOING Ventures is a private investment company formed to invest in on-going companies and then to take an active hand in managing them. We have developed a consulting-based approach to private equity investing: a highly differentiated investment and business acquisition model (coined as "buy and build") with comprehensive systems and processes that will enable us to consistently source, analyze, close, grow and exit attractive investment opportunities. We partner with management teams to build great businesses and improve their operations.

Our strategy is to execute a focused Transatlantic Investment Program that targets consumer products sector - comprising apparel, food, beverages and other fast moving consumer goods – family edutainment, digital media, healthcare, and industrial/business services in the attractive and less competitive lower-middle market with the aim of buying and transforming them, and achieving a scale that will enable our companies to compete successfully as they expand their activities to the fast growing African continent leveraging our US platform with our Far East supply chain links and achieve outstanding returns on investment to all stakeholders.